Security analysis and assistance on this

Improve your site and keep it up-to-date.

The huge part of Drupal development and its support take security assistance. Cause, no matter how cool your website is and how many well-thought-out functionalities present on your website - the site can be crashed. By applying all the necessary fixes your website and business will be protected. 

Yes, it’s definitely, that Drupal is the most secure CMS ever. But, the hackers never sleep. If the security or regular updates don't apply on time, there is a big risk to be hacked. If we talk about business, you can just imagine the damage. Thousands of your users will not able to interact with your site while the developers will be fixing these problems. Moreover, timely applying of the security and regular updates sufficiently decreases expenses needed for the site's emergency help. 

Drupal is an open-source CMS, but some custom modules or functionality can be not written according to drupal code standards. This may cause the site’s crashed, unstable work and as a result, it may lead to losing the customers, cause their sensitive information such as credit card numbers, names and other, can be stolen and reused in the future. 

When a part of a website or application allows the users to input information turned directly into an SQL query, this makes the website vulnerable to SQL injection. How does it work? The application can talk to a database using SQL queries. An SQL injection occurs when the website does not protect against malicious SQL queries. An attacker can use the malicious SQL query to trick the database in providing sensitive information. Based on this, you may clear to imagine how important is to protect your website and do not lose money for unpredictable issues.

The not only site has to be protected but also a server. Our team knows how important to have a secure environment along with the reliable Drupal team. Remember, non protected folders can be used by hackers as a door to your site to damage their work.

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