Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golems GABB?

Golems GABB is a Drupal development company, specializing in developing sites form scratch, as well as sites redesign and integration site with third-party services. We share a passion for creating web experiences that generate greater results as we know all about modern trends and benefits, that site’s improvement brings. It is a true work of art with plenty of nuances and intricacies.

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Which services are you providing?

  • Our company provides a wide spectrum of Drupal services:
  • Drupal site developing from scratch
  • Themes development
  • Data migration from any cms to Drupal
  • Development of the modules
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Site's performance optimization
  • Headless/Decoupled Drupal
  • Security review
  • Other services related to Drupal CMS. To get more please contact us

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Why do you work with Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system, written on PHP. It provides the following irreplaceable benefits: 1 - Website security and safety 2 - Сео optimization and speed 3 - Ease of use and extending 4 - Ease of support and its cost 5 - Functionality 6 – Community Drupal website can be easy managing through admin panel.

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Do you work with another CMS?

Golems GABB works only with Drupal CMS as we are proven professionals and we actively support the popular Drupal modules, please refer to our drupal.org profile to make sure that we defiantly deliver your project within specification, timeline, and budget.

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What about your experience?

Skills we have:

  • - Drupal core experience with Drupal 6/7/8

    - Pure PHP 5.x/7.x (OOP), Laravel (Lumen), Symfony, Zend;

    - JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Materialize;

    - PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, FireBase;

    - Facebook API, Google Maps API, Google Place API, MailChimp API, ManDrill API, Mailgun API, PayPal API, Stripe API;

    - Docker, Composer, Gulp;

    - Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket.

  • Implementation of Module Hooks, Theme Hooks, Element Rendering
  • Views, Web form, Rules, Context, Panels, Features, Devel, Media
  • Core API, Entity API
  • Drupal Theming Adaptive & Responsive Drupal Theme Development
  • Major experience with HTML/CSS/JS development for Drupal
  • Theme development from scratch
  • Front-End Development HTML/CSS/JS Static or Mobile development
  • Data base and code performance tuning


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Which type of sites can be developed using Drupal?

Drupal is a fantastic cms, allowing us to develop any complex sites according to the customer’s requirements. The basic types are landing pages, e-commerce websites, content hub, decoupled Drupal sites.

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Is Drupal complex CMS?

Yes, Drupal is complex cms, but along with, it’s very secure and flexible and this allows us to develop the different integrations, between site, application, CRM or payment system.

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How to estimate my Drupal project?

It’s easy-easy, just contact us by using email or contact form and describe the future scope of work. Our managers will contact you to clarify the information.

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