06 Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered why the websites you visit frequently offer products or services that might interest you? For example, an online movie cinema website shows different combinations of movies that usually suit your tastes well. The same can be said about online stores. Whenever you return to the website, it suggests items you'd like to buy. Most of the time, predictions match your tastes. This indicates that such Drupal websites use machine learning to personalise the customer experience.

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29 Aug 2023

One of the characteristics of a modern website is accessibility which means that anyone, including people with disabilities, can use your website without any problems. WHO estimates that 1.3 billion people, or one in six people worldwide, have a significant disability. This is a massive audience for your website. They will purchase your products and services if you make your WCAG Compliance website available to everyone.

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04 Aug 2023
Find out how serverless computing revolutionizes web development. Explore how this technology can increase your web applications' scalability, cost-efficacy, and agility. Discover the benefits and challenges of serverless computing, and learn how to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of web development.
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25 Jul 2023
By studying the latest trends in web design in 2023 and beyond, we can predict what will be popular shortly. This article examines in detail the latest trends in web design, including minimalist design, dark mode, vibrant nostalgia, animation, and much more. We will also discuss how these trends can improve the user experience and make your website more attractive and practical.
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10 Jul 2023
Artificial intelligence (aka AI) has immense potential for web development. Read the blog to get insights and expert analysis on the role of AI in web development today. Explore the benefits and risks of AI-powered web development and the future of this exciting field.
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03 Jul 2023