05 Feb 2024
Fun fact. Drupal was started in 2001 — two years before WordPress was released. According to W3Techs, this CMS powers 1.1% of all websites, from blogs to e-commerce and government sites, holding a 1.6% market share.
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26 Jan 2024
We all know such an effective and common way of demonstrating content as a slideshow. Similarly, visual content was shown even before the invention of computers on ancient mechanical devices that used slides. This is where the name comes from.
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05 Jan 2024
Sometimes, creating a modern design with high functionality is problematic. Especially when it comes to large-scale and complex projects. There are various solutions to make the process of creating layouts easier and more convenient. One of the most influential and popular is Drupal Layout Builder.
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26 Dec 2023

Nowadays, the stakes are getting higher and higher. Speed is of the essence for an ordinary user, and each web page and developer has to comply with it. This is where Drupal's BigPipe module takes the stage. 

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04 Dec 2023