24 Nov 2023

Do you know that almost 90% of developers who use Drupal as a backend for their mobile apps have their stash, lucky coding socks? This is interesting because developers believe it allows them to work more efficiently.
We may have exaggerated about 90 percent, but building a mobile app development with Drupal as a backend is perfect. There are many reasons for this because Drupal as a tool has all the necessary features and capabilities to unleash the potential of the application fully and, of course, emphasize the skill of its creator. But how does it work?

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03 Nov 2023

GraphQL was designed for more powerful and user-friendly client-server interaction. This complex solution is a query language and execution engine. GraphQL is developing quickly and is available as a web service in Drupal 8, 9, and 10. Drupal websites often use GraphQL. This solution is particularly robust as a web service and focuses on an easily accessible level of introspection and customization. Let's take a closer look at the features and potential of GraphQL in Drupal development.

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30 Oct 2023

Drupal started as a student project in Belgium. Initially, Dries Bytart devised a communication system between students living in dormitories. But the Drupal software and community have grown significantly over the years. For now, ten significant versions of Drupal have been released. 

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16 Oct 2023

Vous souhaitez faire du contenu multilingue sur votre site Drupal 10? This time we decided to start our blog in some special way. Yes, the theme enables you to do this. So, today we will talk about multilingual content in Drupal 10, as well as the key strategies and tools that will help you with this. Greetings from our entire Drupal web development company! As always, we extend our warmest welcome to you.

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28 Sep 2023