14 Jul 2021
We are happy to announce that new opportunities are coming in responsive front-end web development. The most popular front-end framework — Bootstrap — was released on May 5, 2021, in a new version with a bunch of powerful improvements. In this post, our development team is exploring what’s new in Bootstrap 5 and how it can help us create even more visually appealing and feature-rich mobile-first interfaces in less time. Bootstrap: the best front-end toolkit
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29 Jun 2021
Drupal development cycles are speeding up. A year has gone by after the Drupal 9 release, and an upgrade to Drupal 9 is still on the to-do list of many businesses. However, the next major release has already emerged as an exciting topic for discussion — the web is buzzing with talks about Drupal 10 readiness. Let’s take a look at the upcoming Drupal 10 to see when to expect it, what will happen to other versions, what new features will be included, and what is needed to prepare for Drupal 10.
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14 Jun 2021