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Adaptive and responsive Drupal web design

Do you remember the Nokia 1100? Nice cell phone, isn’t it? Green screen and functional buttons:) And let’s see to our days, where exist lots of devices with various screen characteristics and technical options. Yeah, it’s unbelievable, that we so quickly develop our society and technologies.

Responsive design Drupal service

To emphasize a site brand and its uniqueness we suggest developing own new theme. But before starting this journey, it's better to proceed with the Drupal site audit to detect and fix possible errors. It significantly improves further website work. 

Drupal responsive themes

Whether you are a small start-up looking for a simple and affordable website or if you are a large multinational company looking to reinvigorate your corporate image and positioning in the market - the Drupal responsive theme is a reasonable Drupal solution in case you are limited to time and budget. 

Responsive web design Drupal. Drupal adaptive theme

So what is an adaptive design and responsiveness and of course what are the differences between? Responsive sites and adaptive sites are the same in that they both change appearance based on the device they are being viewed on. Put simply, responsive adapts to the screen size, and they respond to the browser size. Adaptive sites are willing to detect the screen size and opens the page according to this information. If we talk about benefits, we can definitely declare, that responsive design Drupal is flexible and easier to load.

Design for Drupal, technologies

Our Drupal developers also read and learn new information and trends about Drupal responsive web design and apply their knowledge to our customer’s sites. The technologies we use are well-known: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, pixel perfect, SVG, HTML.

And the cherry on the cake is a particular design. But do not disappoint, if you have a limited budget or you don’t know which option to choose, ask a piece of advice on our Drupal developer's team about responsive web design service. Since we put care into building the functional and well-thought-out visuals needed to elevate your business.

Reasons to redesign Drupal site

  • If you still aren’t getting the results you want
  • The purpose of your site has changed
  • Simple, your website just doesn’t work
  • You have an effective web design strategy. New brand
  • Your website isn’t adaptive or responsive. Improving website usability for visitors
  • The competitors changed their site
  • The third-party tools are outdated.

Benefits you get with responsive theming for Drupal website

Responsive, catchy design. AMP and Accessibility.
 The website works significantly faster
Gain more visitors and increase sales.
Improve SEO and site performance
Improve the quality and volume of the leads generated
Drupal responsive menu, responsive theming for Drupal

We also cannot imagine our lives without communication through the internet, shopping, banking, traveling, sport, and so on. We agree that it's much productive to work with the fast loading and adaptive website with a clean interface. 

Our company never stops improving itself. For our clients, we develop a responsive web design Drupal theme and Drupal adaptive theme. In order to meet the specific brand requirements, we develop custom Drupal design to stand out you form a million similar sites. We cooperate with the Drupal web design company, which creates an awesome responsive design for Drupal.