Drupal performance optimization - an effective key to be successful

Drupal performance optimization

Why do you need Drupal performance optimization for your site?

Losing two-thirds of customers because your website isn’t fast enough to either keep them engaged or retain their trust is significant. It’s also a needless impact on your business – there is specialist support available from developers and web hosts to optimize your speed and help keep your customers on your site.

One step to be better - Drupal performance tuning

That’s not a secret and according to Google, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Quite possible that your customers are gone, probably forever. There is one disappointing news - if your website is not fast enough, unfortunately, but you will lose both customers and revenue. Golems team can be used to understand the reasons why the website is slower than another one by using manual instrumentation.

Optimizing the performance of the Drupal site (Drupal speed optimization)

People don’t like to wait when browsing the web or navigation through the website. 3 seconds of wait is what the average person tolerates nowadays, and that number is going down every day. Google recommendation is actually to keep the server response time below 200 ms (time is taken to load the necessary HTML to begin rendering the page from your server, subtracting out the network latency between Google and your server). So, Drupal speed optimization very important an element.

Key benefits of a high performance website:

  • The super quick site loading
  • High position in a search engine, get more traffic from Google.
  • Gain more leads, users, and sales
  • An easy way to migrate Drupal site to the highest version.

How to achieve the high performance Drupal

To answer this question we recommend finding out what makes your website slow? Fortunately, there are lots of free online tools to check Drupal performance. The most popular ones are GTmetrix and Google Speed Scorecard. These free services perform plenty of simulated loads, review all the possible improvements of code, requests.

Optimizing performance of Drupal site:
Drupal 8 performance Images - are one of the most common issues. For example, the eCommerce website or the landing page of the famous photographer can not work without high-resolution images. Fortunately, Drupal has lots of Drupal performance modules and Drupal performance testing technologies that check and compress the image without losing quality. Check our Drupal web services to find the appropriate ones. 

Drupal performance tuning. Not only pictures have to be optimized, but along with it’s also important to minify JavaScript, CSS, HTML, minimize requests size, redirects, specify a cache validator, and so on.

Caching can help Improve Drupal performance. It’s a magical adjustment that can be configured for you. There is no necessary every time to load the same block or information when browsing the site. Cache helps the website reuse this temporary information and load pages as fast as possible.

That is, high performance Drupal fast and scalable designs includes the set of rules, improvements, and adjustments, aimed to significantly increase the site's speed load as well as usability.
Our team, of passionate Drupal developers, provides custom website development services to extend, Drupal performance services and support high-performance Drupal site because The process of performance optimization in Drupal site leads to the new level of site interacting and using.