Websites migration from any CMS to Drupal

We are proud of our achievements of the migration data and users from any CMS to the latest Drupal versions.

Migration - sounds weird and scary. But if you are the reputable business owner and many years work and you earn money using the website - you have to think about migration your website to modern, secure and flexible CMS. Our team can carefully and smoothly migrate your website from any other CMS to Drupal. Drupal is the most secure CMS because the developers all over the world every day put incredible efforts to support our lovely Drupal. Golems team also maintains the popular Drupal modules. It helps us deeply understand the problems of the migration process and proceed with the solutions.

Most likely, after the migration, there is a reason to make a site redesign. Today, word declare the trend of “sites fashion”, because along with digital technology development million of people with limited abilities can use the internet and browsing the sites. That is, a website must have a clear and understandable hierarchy, conveniently positioned, highlighted in the necessary places, properly structured, and clearly explained and the most important to comply with Accessibility 2.0 or 2.1. It’s about the redesign. 

But let’s come back to the initial issue - migration. We want to highlight the main advantages of the migration of the website from any other cms to Drupal. The first advantage is security. New Drupal versions are fantastic secure and can protect all the sensitive information stored on the website. Other dangerous can be hidden in Drupal's core vulnerability. The previous Drupal versions had such problems but Drupal maintainers successfully fixed the most critical ones. That’s why is so important to keep your website up-to-date, it means regularly apply the security updates available for Drupal core and it’s modules. 

The second - resource-saving and high performance. The modern technologies bring us not only new possibilities but also save our time, money, being super productive. For example, Drupal 8 loads page much faster than Drupal 6 or 7, it because of content is being loaded not from the database but from the cache. The latest Drupal versions works on web servers with PHP 7.0 or greater, compatible with MySQL 8, PostgreSQL 9.1.2 or higher and SQLite 3.6.8. Drupal 8 contains built-in services and much easier to integrate the third - party services. 

The third - the satisfying of your customers by new and useful functionalities, which can be upgraded according to the new site style. 

We can talk and talk about migration, but let us show the result but not just the worlds. Bring to us your ideas and mock-up and we together proceed with your site migration. We also open to migrating data from any other CMS to Drupal. Contact us!