Drupal app useful tool to satisfied users

Drupal mobile integration

Our web app development company includes a wide spectrum of the possible services on how to friend your website with the Drupal mobile app.

Drupal mobile app, you are cool :D

It’s not a secret that we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. The social network, online shops, banking and so on - that’s not a full list of progressive web apps. Our Drupal services are the means to an end. E-commerce, landing page, business-oriented website - it’s great to have a responsive website, but more beneficial - to have also an application because it definitely is high productivity, there no unused buttons, it provides minimum requests to the processor due to efficient use of caching. In other words, in the few steps, we get the satisfied customer that will definitely return. 

Mobile website, Drupal knows about it

You can’t do without a website sharpened for mobile. The adaptive layout or a separate mobile version - it does not matter. But to adapt the site for mobile issuance is simply necessary, it does not even make sense to think. A mobile site is the first point of user interaction with your business. Without it, you lose a significant part of the traffic.

Building mobile apps with Drupal

The functionality of the mobile application for online stores and sites on Drupal CMS includes:
Push newsletters
Juicy Material Design, perfect on both smartphones and tablets
Product Options
Product balances are stored in CMS in real-time
The order comes directly to mobile website Drupal
Payment system support
Detailed product card
Catalog product filter
Quick start mobile application
New design for Drupal app

Our developers can convert Drupal website to Apple app
Android and iOS are leaders in the OS market and set the standards for the coming years. Users of these devices not only make phone calls, which means they are of particular interest in e-commerce. It is for them that the battle of a new generation of e-commerce systems is unfolding now.
Our developers will be happy to convert the Drupal 8 mobile theme into the progressive web app. 

Okay, for now, we have a user-friendly site and a well-designed application. But there is another problem, how to communicate between them, how to update the list of registered users and the most terrible - how to get the information from the application to the website? Yeah, lots of questions that every time appear.
No worries! You have a reliable team and make sure you accurately succeed with these misunderstandings. 

Rest API is a key to this door. Let’s learn this statement step by step. So REST is a special approach to the network protocols, which support access to the informational resources. REST is based on the principles of the World Wide Web and, in particular, the capabilities of HTTP. API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming interface, an application creation interface. API is a set of interactions, which attracts to receive and answer the defined data and it’s a ready-made code to simplify the life of the developers. So now we have an architect approach and the set of rules, and the last stage is a route  - the address to which your request is sent.
Here is a short request structure to understand its nature:

  1. Shipping route
  2. Method type
  3. Titles
  4. Body (or data).  

In a nutshell - we consider REST API to be one of the best communicators between site and application and reasonable tool for building mobile apps with Drupal as well as Drupal third party integrations. With the help of this technology, there is a possibility to send, receive, create and store the information and have a synchronized environment. For Drupal CMS there are plugins allowing you to automatically generate mobile versions. They are based on the same jQuery Mobile. We would like to dive deeper with mobile website Drupal and Drupal mobile app. We, as a web development services provider, desire to satisfy all your needs and take your business on a higher level. Be modern and keep your website up-to-date with us!