We all know such an effective and common way of demonstrating content as a slideshow. Similarly, visual content was shown even before the invention of computers on ancient mechanical devices that used slides. This is where the name comes from.
26 Jan 2024
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When Drupal 8 was released in November 2015, its list of new features was really impressive. Among lots of other things on the list, there were multilingual capabilities and the Views built into the Drupal core. Now that many websites have upgraded to Drupal 9, the Views and multilingual functionalities in Drupal have not changed much.
20 Sep 2021
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Slideshows and carousels are among the most exciting solutions to present visual content on websites. In this blog post, the Golems Drupal team will take a closer look at them. Our readers whose sites are built with the Drupal CMS have especially good reasons to keep reading. We will explore how to create a slideshow in Drupal using the Views Slideshow module — one of Drupal’s best slideshow building tools.
06 Mar 2021
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One of the best things that ever happened to Drupal site building is the creation of the Views module. You will hardly find a Drupal website that is not using this powerful tool to list content in desired ways.
08 Dec 2020
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