Innovative Approaches to Creating Slideshows Using Drupal Views

26 Jan 2024

We all know such an effective and common way of demonstrating content as a slideshow. Similarly, visual content was shown even before the invention of computers on ancient mechanical devices that used slides. This is where the name comes from.
But, sometimes, a simple carousel of pictures is boring. Today, the Drupal web development agency tells you how to add slideshows using Drupal views effectively and creatively.

About the Drupal Views module

The Drupal Views module is a very convenient tool. You can create slideshows from various types of visual and text content. The controls are pretty simple, but many users do not thoroughly study the module and are unaware of many useful functions. Using a comprehensive list of features and a creative approach to creating slideshows can increase the audience's interest and the time spent on the site.
You can create sliders from different types of content, not just images. This could include carousels of videos, blog posts, comments, and reviews. The module consists of a base/plugin system/API and a module implementing that base. However, advanced users can create their own implementations.

How Slideshows Impact Your Core Web Vitals

Standard, primitive methods for creating slideshows sometimes do not bring the desired effect. Let's talk about how effective, creative slideshows impact your website's performance. So, this helps keep the user on the page longer, which is always essential. Also, the percentage of exits from a website in the first 15 seconds decreases, which is another significant indicator. But there are a few pitfalls here.
One of the most important aspects is page loading speed. This largely depends on optimization and also on the hosting plan you choose. If you manage to create attractive, unusual, personalized slideshows while the website loads quickly, the user will definitely like it. Another critical point is information content. The slideshows you create on your website should be on topic, explain key issues, and redirect the user to more information.

What Are Slideshows Good for?

Visual content in the form of slideshows is used everywhere, so it is difficult to say what type of sites it is not suitable for. A slideshow can be used for a landing page for the sale of goods or services, for a small business website, for a landing page, or for a company website. The only difference is in approaches and creativity. You can select the most optimal solutions for different types of sites and create the kind of slideshow that will best convey information to the user.

Exploring the Different Website Slider Types

There are many slideshows using Drupal, and now we will briefly describe the main ones:

  1. Horizontal carousels of pictures. You can scroll through These horizontally placed images and view each photo. A universal solution that is familiar to everyone. Here, choosing the right type of carousel for specific tasks is important. In this case, simplicity and efficiency will work for you.
  2. Video sliders. A carousel that uses videos instead of pictures. Where to apply? One of the most obvious options is, for example, a musician's website. But this could also be a company website where a video carousel is used for a live demonstration of products or services.
  3. Text sliders. These sliders use text instead of images—an excellent solution for displaying customer reviews.
  4. Multilayer sliders. For this purpose, Drupal has the Layer Slider plugin. After installing the plugin, you will be able to use more than 200 2D & 3D transitions, images, and even videos.
  5. The thumbnail slider is a universal solution. It can be used to display products or photographic works; the scope of application depends on your imagination. It is a carousel of thumbnails; a large image opens when you hover over a thumbnail.
  6. Hover Gallery. When you hover over an image in the gallery, a transformation occurs. For example, an additional darkened layer with text appears. It can be used, for instance, as a button to go to a website page or display brief information about the product.
  7. Carousel of 3D images. The images are arranged in a specific order, for example, in a circle. The user can rotate the circle and select a particular image to view.

 Top 5 Drupal modules for creating carousels & slideshows in 2023

To create a slideshow in Drupal, you need modules and plugins. Drupal Views is not the only solution. There are many such modules and plugins; now we will look at the 5 most effective in 2023.

  • Layer Slider - we have already mentioned this plugin above. It is excellent for various tasks, has over 200 2D & 3D transitions, is suitable for pictures and videos (YouTube & Vimeo), and has many settings. You don't need to specifically adapt the slider for smartphones, tablets, and computers; Layer Slider does it independently.
  • Nivo Slider is a module from Ukrainian developers with fantastic transition effects. It is considered the most popular worldwide and has more than 3,000,000 downloads. It doesn’t have many settings, but simultaneously, the module is as versatile and adaptive as possible.
  • The 3D Views Carousel module is a popular tool for creating 3D image carousels. 
  • PhotoSwipe is a convenient solution for creating various image galleries. It could be a thumbnail slider, zoom, or another type of carousel, and the choice is yours.
  • To use the Bootstrap Image Gallery module, you must have a base Bootstrap theme. The slideshow can consist of images or videos; there is a full-screen mode and various transition effects. The module is adapted for computers and mobile devices and is an extension of Blueimp Gallery, a customizable gallery of images and videos.

Contemporary trends in slideshow creation

Modern solutions in creating sliders, of course, include 3D carousels, animations, and transition effects. These interactive elements give you a new way to look at image carousels. Thanks to the various impacts, transitions, and animations, we can make personalized slideshows, achieve better user engagement, arouse user interest, and evoke positive reactions. Animations can be used in image galleries, carousels, and navigation icons for website pages.
Contemporary trends in slideshow creation include a creative approach. Sometimes a simple slideshow, used correctly, can attract a client, but the most modern slider with 3D animation installed in an unnecessary place will irritate. In order to understand how to use certain tools properly, you need not only imagination but also the study of modern trends. Modern design, using many convenient interactive visual elements, is always intuitive and wins the audience's approval. So, contact us for advice on using website slideshows to engage users and clients on your website!