Drupal 9

Drupal is getting more modern in everything, and the default front-end theme is no exception. You might have heard that Drupal has a new front-end theme — Olivero. It was added to Drupal in version 9.1 as an experimental theme and is going to become the out-of-the-box option soon, which means all newly created Drupal installations will have it from the start instead of Bartik. Let’s see why this is great news, what design features Olivero has, and what philosophy is behind it.
03 Nov 2021
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Despite the availability of an administrative interface in content management systems, developers love command-line tools. A CLI enables them to do more actions or is just very convenient for tech-savvy minds. Installing modules, updating websites, clearing caches, exporting configurations, and much more is available through clear terminal commands.

21 Oct 2021
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When Drupal 8 was released in November 2015, its list of new features was really impressive. Among lots of other things on the list, there were multilingual capabilities and the Views built into the Drupal core. Now that many websites have upgraded to Drupal 9, the Views and multilingual functionalities in Drupal have not changed much.
20 Sep 2021
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One of the goals of our blog posts is to spread the word about the best web development practices. When it comes to the best practices for PHP-based CMSs like Drupal, the famous package manager Composer is always on top of the list. Some time ago, we published an article about the superpowers of Composer in Drupal development but would also like to dedicate a special post to its new release. Read on to see why it’s a great idea and how to upgrade to Composer 2.

14 Jun 2021
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