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04 Dec 2023
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Creating a completely static HTML website is quite a challenging process unless you use a static content generator. Tome is developed to make it as easy as possible with any site on Drupal.
Like any CMS, it provides a set of templates and automatically helps to create pages, avoiding a long and complicated manual setup. You don't even need to know Java to use it. Just a perfect match if you're creating content based on raw data and a website template set.

17 Mar 2023
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Once upon a time, tweeting already published content from a Drupal site was a simple task that required no extra effort. The main deal was to install the Social Post Twitter module, and everything worked.
13 Jun 2022
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Сoffee and tea boost your physical performance. Our article will boost your brain. Today we talk about the Workflows and Content Moderation modules.  Dries Buytaert and Drupal developers worldwide are increasingly focusing on improving Drupal 8 and 9 content workflow. It looks like you have wondered more than once how to improve the content moderation workflow in Drupal 8, 9.
19 Mar 2022
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