Drupal 10

What is data persistence, and why is it so important? Data persistence is a concept by which you can define the piece of information that will be stored on the device. Data persistence consists of all saved data in the storage system, which allows you to restore the value of this data at any time. You'll be able to restore all-important programs and info, even after a computer crash. Understanding the importance of persistence is essential to evaluate different storage systems accurately. You can lose your data by making the wrong choice.

03 Feb 2023
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CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor formerly called FCKeditor. But after its Brazilian creator, Frederico Caldeira Knabben discovered that FCK is a negative abbreviation in English, the name was changed to CKEditor. CKEditor 5 version was launched back in 2018. To date, many users have already updated and improved this indispensable and beloved tool. It is an entirely new product.
Brew yourself a hot cup of coffee and read our CKEditor 5 blog to find out:

19 Oct 2022
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Drupal development cycles are speeding up. A year has gone by after the Drupal 9 release, and an upgrade to Drupal 9 is still on the to-do list of many businesses. However, the next major release has already emerged as an exciting topic for discussion — the web is buzzing with talks about Drupal 10 readiness. Let’s take a look at the upcoming Drupal 10 to see when to expect it, what will happen to other versions, what new features will be included, and what is needed to prepare for Drupal 10.
29 Jun 2021
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