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Microservices is one of the important architectural software trends in 2023. As technology grows in popularity, more and more tools and technologies are emerging to serve microservices. An application is represented as a set of loosely coupled services in a microservices architecture. Each model is a self-contained business functionality with a simple interface. Such an independent development simplifies the maintenance of the application. Let's discuss in more detail how this architecture works and its features.

06 Nov 2023
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Drupal started as a student project in Belgium. Initially, Dries Bytart devised a communication system between students living in dormitories. But the Drupal software and community have grown significantly over the years. For now, ten significant versions of Drupal have been released. 

30 Oct 2023
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Drupal people? Are you here? At least 87% of your consumers are looking for you or your services on search engine pages. To boost your brand's online presence and expand your reach, it is essential to optimize for SEO in Drupal 10.

20 Oct 2023
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Vous souhaitez faire du contenu multilingue sur votre site Drupal 10? This time we decided to start our blog in some special way. Yes, the theme enables you to do this. So, today we will talk about multilingual content in Drupal 10, as well as the key strategies and tools that will help you with this. Greetings from our entire Drupal web development company! As always, we extend our warmest welcome to you.

16 Oct 2023
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