Drupal started as a student project in Belgium. Initially, Dries Bytart devised a communication system between students living in dormitories. But the Drupal software and community have grown significantly over the years. For now, ten significant versions of Drupal have been released. 

30 Oct 2023
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Dries Buytaert once wrote:

" can work with structured and unstructured content, and with templated and free-form pages."

24 Jan 2023
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Oh, how annoying when you go on to the site, but it does not have responsive layouts, and you have to use these inconvenient horizontal scroll bars. There are fewer and fewer awkward sites on the Internet every year, but the problem has not wholly disappeared.

30 Dec 2022
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Drupal is getting more modern in everything, and the default front-end theme is no exception. You might have heard that Drupal has a new front-end theme — Olivero. It was added to Drupal in version 9.1 as an experimental theme and is going to become the out-of-the-box option soon, which means all newly created Drupal installations will have it from the start instead of Bartik. Let’s see why this is great news, what design features Olivero has, and what philosophy is behind it.
03 Nov 2021
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