An e-commerce website needs user interaction tracking like no other. Knowing your transactions, traffic sources, cart abandonment, and much more will help you improve your sales and marketing efforts. 
20 Apr 2021
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How is your website’s analytics tracking going? You can always make it better! In our previous blog post, we discussed the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager (GTM) — a helpful tool that enables you to manage all tracking codes from all services (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Quora Pixel, etc.) in the same container where every detail is configurable via a user-friendly web interface.
01 Apr 2021
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Today, successful digital marketing would be impossible without various tracking codes or tags. However, it can be overwhelming to find your way through the ocean of tags for various tracking purposes. Luckily, there is a smart free tool by Google that can help you manage all tracking codes in the same place and its name is Google Tag Manager (GTM for short).
24 Mar 2021
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