Today, successful digital marketing would be impossible without various tracking codes or tags. However, it can be overwhelming to find your way through the ocean of tags for various tracking purposes. Luckily, there is a smart free tool by Google that can help you manage all tracking codes in the same place and its name is Google Tag Manager (GTM for short).
24 Mar 2021
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In an ideal world, only real and well-behaved users access websites. Unfortunately, many “visitors” knocking on your website’s doors are malicious bots that masquerade as humans. Their goals are spam comments, spam emails, and spam forms — and these are just some relatively innocent examples. They, so websites need to learn to distinguish between real people and bots and use the blocking mechanisms.
10 Feb 2021
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Collection of Drupal modules for optimal date and time formats There are plenty of ways to display the same date and time on your website. Do you prefer the 12-hour or the 12-hour format? Would you like to include the day of the week? Or maybe you want to specify the start and end date and time? The choice of the format may depend on preferences and conventions that exist in different countries, as well as the specific website use cases and requirements. Of course, Drupal provides different ways to display the date and time in the needed ways. Let the Golems team offer you an overview of date and time formatting options for Drupal websites. This will include the Drupal core capabilities, as well as a bunch of cool contributed modules.
07 Jan 2021
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