What is data persistence, and why is it so important? Data persistence is a concept by which you can define the piece of information that will be stored on the device. Data persistence consists of all saved data in the storage system, which allows you to restore the value of this data at any time. You'll be able to restore all-important programs and info, even after a computer crash. Understanding the importance of persistence is essential to evaluate different storage systems accurately. You can lose your data by making the wrong choice.

03 Feb 2023
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Any website can potentially be attacked in various ways, and it is desirable to eliminate the main vulnerabilities at the initial stage. Which types of attacks will be applied to your site and for what purpose - it does not matter. The important thing is that the site is vulnerable, which means it can be hacked. For security hardening, there are several effective tools that we will discuss in this article. By the way, it's great to know you're reading the Golems web development agency blog!

06 Jan 2023
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Hello, dear reader! How is your website doing? Are you sure cyber criminals are not tempering with its data at this very moment? Without any rest or quarantine, they keep inventing new ways to compromise websites.
09 Sep 2020
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