Drupal e-Commerce

Now that online shopping is ruling the day, the idea to create an online store looks lucrative like never before. For all those who want to build an e-commerce website with compelling digital experiences, there is a great option based on the Drupal CMS — Drupal Commerce. It is an open-source powerful e-commerce platform enabling developers to build online stores of any complexity.
26 Jul 2021
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For anyone who wants to boost their e-commerce store sales, it’s incredibly useful to know all steps of user interaction with the website. However, without the right analytics tools, this may look like playing guessing games. For example, remember the “hot and cold” game where the chosen player has to figure out some mystery action and the crowd shouts “hot!” or “cold!” depending on the player’s right or wrong guesses?
18 May 2021
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Decoupled Drupal Commerce secrets revealed

There is a technology that allows developers to upscale and speed up e-commerce sites and take their customers’ shopping experiences to a whole new level. It’s called decoupled Drupal Commerce. The Drupal development world is buzzing with discussions of this hot trend. Of course, the Golems Drupal team is happy to join in. Dear readers, our tour of decoupled Drupal e-commerce begins.

17 Jan 2021
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Extra modules for Drupal Commerce that extend Drupal 8/9 online stores E-commerce is booming, and Drupal helps it flourish. Thanks to the features and benefits of Drupal Commerce for online Drupal 8 or 9 stores, more e-commerce businesses can get a cool website. By doing so, they should catch the wave of success — by 2025, the e-commerce market volume is expected to reach US$3,453,334m. When we talk about growth and expansion, we need to mention that Drupal Commerce itself is very extensible. While offering the most necessary features out-of-the-box, it can give you even more if you add other contributed modules to it. There are plenty of these, so let’s pull together a little collection of interesting Drupal ecommerce modules that extend Drupal 8 or 9 online store functionality.
30 Dec 2020
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