"What does the $this variable mean in PHP?"
"What does $this mean in PHP."
and other similar questions increasingly appearing on the Internet.
The Stackoverflow group is also bombarded with questions about this variable.
We could tell you how the variable $this works in PHP. Let's find out everything related to dynamic PHP access object property with $this and break it down with examples.

19 Mar 2022
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What's new in PHP 8: overview of key features and improvements A major update of a programming language is always a huge event in the software development world. One of these big days was November 26, 2020 — the PHP 8 release date. Our Drupal development team was happy to welcome the arrival of PHP 8.0. It’s not just Drupal development teams that their breath at this release — PHP also lies at the heart of WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Craft CMS, PyroCMS, OctoberCMS, Contao, ExpressionEngine, and other CMSs. In addition, this open-source, platform-independent, powerful, flexible, fast, well-documented, and easy-to-learn programming language is used on websites without any CMS. In total, according to the stats, PHP works on 79.1% of websites whose server-side programming language is known.
03 Jan 2021
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What is GIT cherry pick?  Today, that's not a problem to be a powerful and professional developers team and work in the different corners of our world. Developers will immediately be surprised to ask, how to manage the code, new changes, fixes? Git already took into account all these important aspects and today no one developer cannot imagine his/her life without powerful GIT.
14 Jan 2020
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