Do you know that almost 90% of developers who use Drupal as a backend for their mobile apps have their stash, lucky coding socks? This is interesting because developers believe it allows them to work more efficiently.
We may have exaggerated about 90 percent, but building a mobile app development with Drupal as a backend is perfect. There are many reasons for this because Drupal as a tool has all the necessary features and capabilities to unleash the potential of the application fully and, of course, emphasize the skill of its creator. But how does it work?

24 Nov 2023
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Drupal and Flutter: adding native mobile app experiences to Drupal  Even if your Drupal website is doing great, its audience engagement and user experiences can always reach new heights — the heights at which you can almost hear the fluttering of the wings!  It’s the Flutter framework that will be the main topic of this blog post from the Golems Drupal team. We will discuss what Flutter is, how it works, what benefits and features make it the solution of choice for more and more developers, and how Drupal and Flutter are combined for creating native mobile app experiences. 
14 Jan 2021
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