07 Jan 2021
Collection of Drupal modules for optimal date and time formats There are plenty of ways to display the same date and time on your website. Do you prefer the 12-hour or the 12-hour format? Would you like to include the day of the week? Or maybe you want to specify the start and end date and time? The choice of the format may depend on preferences and conventions that exist in different countries, as well as the specific website use cases and requirements. Of course, Drupal provides different ways to display the date and time in the needed ways. Let the Golems team offer you an overview of date and time formatting options for Drupal websites. This will include the Drupal core capabilities, as well as a bunch of cool contributed modules.
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03 Jan 2021
What's new in PHP 8: overview of key features and improvements A major update of a programming language is always a huge event in the software development world. One of these big days was November 26, 2020 — the PHP 8 release date. Our Drupal development team was happy to welcome the arrival of PHP 8.0. It’s not just Drupal development teams that their breath at this release — PHP also lies at the heart of WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Craft CMS, PyroCMS, OctoberCMS, Contao, ExpressionEngine, and other CMSs. In addition, this open-source, platform-independent, powerful, flexible, fast, well-documented, and easy-to-learn programming language is used on websites without any CMS. In total, according to the stats, PHP works on 79.1% of websites whose server-side programming language is known.
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30 Dec 2020
Extra modules for Drupal Commerce that extend Drupal 8/9 online stores E-commerce is booming, and Drupal helps it flourish. Thanks to the features and benefits of Drupal Commerce for online Drupal 8 or 9 stores, more e-commerce businesses can get a cool website. By doing so, they should catch the wave of success — by 2025, the e-commerce market volume is expected to reach US$3,453,334m. When we talk about growth and expansion, we need to mention that Drupal Commerce itself is very extensible. While offering the most necessary features out-of-the-box, it can give you even more if you add other contributed modules to it. There are plenty of these, so let’s pull together a little collection of interesting Drupal ecommerce modules that extend Drupal 8 or 9 online store functionality.
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13 Nov 2020
There are small but extremely important elements in a website’s design that boost user engagement, help your audience fulfil their goals, and give you plenty of valuable statistics. These elements are webforms, and you definitely need them on your website. Welcome on a little webform tour by the Golems Drupal team! We will discuss what webforms are and describe the Webform module that is commonly used to create them on Drupal websites. In addition, we will share a simple Drupal 8 Webform tutorial specifically focused on the task of adding webforms to Drupal content types.
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10 Nov 2020
Imagine an ancient parchment map that shows the way to hidden treasures. Today, maps have moved to the digital format. Still, by adding them to your business website, you will discover some real treasures, too! Among them are an enhanced credibility for your brand, better user experiences on your website, interesting data visualization opportunities, and, of course, easier ways for your customers to find you in any place of the world.
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24 Oct 2020

Drupal 9 has been around since June 3, 2020, and many websites have already upgraded to it.
According to Drupal core usage statistics on, there are 23,753 websites using the 9.0.x and 26,411 using the 9.1.x branch. 162,090 websites are currently on the 8.9.x branch, so they are really very close to a seamless Drupal 9 upgrade.

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