Drupal e-Commerce website

12 Aug 2020

Secure, fast, and flexible Drupal e-Commerce website converts the efforts into the profit.

Drupal e-Commerce module is designed to build a website for online sales. No matter it’s a small website or the big one, the e-Commerce module will satisfy any demand and needs. It uses the entire Drupal 7 features, as well as Views and Rules modules, allowing your e-Commerce website to be fast, flexible, and useful.

Drupal e-Commerce features

Both developers and users enjoy using the Drupal E-Commerce module. Since it creates an easy and quick chain of the steps to perform to buy or book the desirable good. In instance, the developers highly evaluate the following tools available in this module:

Core features

  • Taxes
  • Dividing product into Product type and Product Display
  • Integration with Rules
  • Multicurrency
  • API
  • There are many modules available for Drupal commerce
  • Active community

Integration with Views

  • Product type and Product display are integrated out of views
  • Cart - 100% views
  • Checkout cart - views
  • Order cart - views
  • Catalog - views
  • Products list (admin panel) - views

SEO benefits

The Drupal engine has built-in tools, mandatory for internal website optimization, which is necessary for search engine promotion. These features are easy to combine with third-party plugins.

Thanks for the SEO tools, you'll get a website prepared for promotion:

  1. Human-readable URLs
  2. Drupal automatically generates META tags for products, categories, filters, and other pages
  3. Sitemap.xml (sitemaps) generated (necessary for indexing pages in search engines)
  4. Tags for canonical links

e-Commerce documentation

Commerce 1.x documentation Commerce 2.x documentation

Sometimes the support documentation can not fully answer some specific questions appeared. We recommend referring to the community support Commerce Q&A to clarify some moments or ask particular questions. We regret writing but tracked drupal.org requests are no longer available.

Therefore, remember to keep your customers' sensitive information safe and protect them from online payment fraud. It’s an important aspect, so please carefully read the Drupal PCI Compliance white paper, where you’ll find the information from the security experts.


Drupal Commerce currently depends on Drupal 7 (>= 7.15) with the latest releases of a few following modules:

Drupal 7 (>= 7.15)
Ctools 1.13
Views 3.18
Entity API 1.9
Rules 2.10
Address field 1.2

Drupal Commerce 2.x

The installation document provides a detailed description of how to download Drupal 8+Commerce 2.x via Composer for both the new and existing website. Make sure your Drupal core version is 8.7.0 or even higher.

Hosting and e-Commerce

By the end of this, not only the Drupal version is an important aspect in creating e-commerce websites. Reasonable hosting will significantly simplify the website managing. Read more about the benefits of using Platform.sh. It ideally suits for developing e-commerce websites, since it has a powerful 24x7 support team, uses CI/CD and can bring more and more benefits.

Commerce Kickstart

If there is no experience in developing Drupal websites and commerce modules - there is always a reasonable decision - Drupal Distribution - Kickstart - this is the same: Drupal + commerce + a lot of contrib decisions already collected for the implementation of the online store. There are available 2 versions for Drupal 7: Commerce Kickstart 1.x for Drupal 7 and Commerce Kickstart 2.x for Drupal 7. Drupal 8 can use the Drupal Commerce Demo as a first step. What about testing or the prod environment? Platform.sh is also the best way to host your online store. Learn more about the benefits you’ll get here.


Ubercart is an open-source software module that fully integrates the online store with CMS Drupal. Ubercart is considered one of the best e-commerce solutions in the world. In addition to selling goods and services on the Web, it is used to create communities around goods, sell access to content, paid downloads, and much more.

  Ubercart   Commerce
  Fast work   Works slower than Ubercart
  There is Ajax-cart module   There is Ajax-cart module
  There is a possibility to add fields to the order form   There is a possibility to add fields to the order form
  Fully Assembled Store   If you didn’t install commerce Kickstart, then you need to configure an e-commerce little
  For the 7 versions, there are not many payment and delivery modules   All new modules are developed mainly for Commerce


The process of online store development doesn't stand, even new requirements for e-Commerce websites are appearing. More and more complex online selling systems require modern content management systems designed to create stores. Drupal Commerce 2 - allows you to create convenient, modern, easy to use, and promote online stores. At the same time, Drupal saves all the advantages, which allows not only quickly and efficiently to create online stores but also to use them successfully for a long time. Using the capabilities of Drupal, you can quite easily change and modify your existing online store. We offer the development and support of modern online stores at the highest technical level at Drupal Commerce 2.