16 Apr 2019

- Have you ever heard about a reliable company to assist me with?
- Can you recommend someone, who is proficient in websites development to help me with my ideas?

There are a lot of questions you might hear. You must be confused about how to hire a development team or it’s better do not spend a lot of money and hire freelancers from marketplaces? It’s endless. This all leads to a maze of procrastination and delays.
The only thing a customer should have - it’s a clear vision of the future project.

That’s all.

Web development agency supplies all spectrum of services, which are necessary to proceed with to get the incredible results, based on the understanding of the customer's expectations.
The first step of the future cooperation is the signing of the official contract (agreement) where both sides must satisfy all condition. In the agreed document adds all important and key aspects. There are deadlines, detailed specification, test cases, other important conditions to meet clear testing. It’s described a fixed price contract.

The next step - is a development process. In this stage a Drupal team works on the project, the project manager runs of all sprints, tasks, specification block to meet the deadline project.

After the project will be done project manager assigns performed work to the QA department. Yes, the testing stage - is one of the important ones to meet a quality result.

The last stage is preparing the necessary documentation to provide the customer with.

We’ve described only the most popular and important aspects of the development process. And we hope, even if only for one minute you realize, how many people there need to be involved in this process in order to get a quality result. It's would be hard performed for one person (for freelancer).

This all can be successful only with the proficient development company.

Proficient Drupal team has a powerful knowledge and skilled staff to divide the future scope of work into logical parts. They also have a deep understanding of the site’s life-cycling.

We hope we didn't disappoint you, and now you are totally sure who will really take care of your upcoming project.

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