The best Drupal 8 themes

The best Drupal 8 themes

01 أبريل 2020

Can you imagine how many times you have been thought about Drupal 8 theme? Thus, there is always a reasonable compromise - buy a ready-made theme.

Drupal 8 theme designed to put your best foot forward.

Unfortunately, most of customers cannot create Drupal 8 theme ourselves, please remember to ask professionals to help you develop your own theme or buy the right one.

Drupal 8 responsive themes

We are happy to provide you with our reflections on choosing the reasonable both Drupal 8 free themes and paid ones. Thus, themes support should meet your expectations within timelines and budgets. It's easy to navigate and find information on a user-friendly website, where information is conveniently positioned, highlighted in the necessary places, properly structured, and clearly explained. Besides, remember to apply the Accessibility AA or AAA to satisfied all your customers.

Free Drupal 8 themes

It’s free! Sounds cool, isn't it? Installing a free Drupal 8 theme could significantly speed up the development process and spent the project budget for other necessary functionality. Therefore, in our blog we have already introduced you with Drupal 8 bootstrap theme: Bario and Radix.

Drupal 8 bootstrap themes free

Bootstrap allows developers to use well - thought - out solutions to significantly decrease the time required into the site theming as well as saving the customer budget. Yes, these themes already are cross-browser, responsive and user-friendly. The only thing there needs to do - install the theme and properly configure it. Drupal 8 theme development one of the important criteria to finalize the project.

Here is a list of most popular drupal 8 Bootstrap themes free you may pay your attention on:

  1. Bootstrap
    The powerful, easy-installed and easy- used Drupal theme based on Bootstrap 3. Drupal developers can enjoy of the development process as they have all the benefits of using the Bootstrap framework.
  2. Bootstrap 4
    We have already introduced you to Bootstrap 4. It’s a cool out-of-box solution with an already existed variety of blocks, buttons, menus and so on. You will be enjoying working with Bootstrap Grid. Try it and raise your expertise on the highest level.

    Free Drupal 8 themes

  3. Bootstrap Mint
    Welcome to meet responsive Drupal 8 theme, developed on Bootstrap 3. Feel free to check out all the benefits using the demo link, available on theme page.
  4. Zurb foundation
    It’s one of the most useful template from drupal 8 themes free. It’s an advanced responsive front-end framework, it works with HTML, CSS, and Javascript on the client-side. It used for building website front-ends as well as user interfaces for web and mobile applications. Zurb Foundation uses the mobile-first design, which means it was created with smaller screen sizes in mind first and then tweaked for larger screen sizes. It's similar to Twitter Bootstrap.
  5. eBook Zymphones Theme
    This template is the first Zymphonies Drupal 8 free. It’s user-friendly with a clearly understandable interface. Thanks to the supporting and contributing by the Zymphonies team this theme constantly has beneficial features.
  6. Material admin
    This theme based on Google Material Design Language and utilizing the CSS framework materialize CSS, it focused on mobile-first. Therefore, it can be easily installed and configured as well.

Paid Drupal 8 themes

Normally, the paid theme is being supported by its developers. It’s beneficial, as you have a chance to fix the possible theme bugs, detected while installing it. As usual, such themes contain Drupal core, already created content types, quote possible - taxonomy and so on. Therefore the paid themes include the number of default pictures you may use. So here are our bestsellers we would like to share with you.

  1. Kompleet
    Very light and sensitive template with a variety of blocks, headers, social network bar, slider, and contemporary look. It ideally fits for a travel site, commerce platforms, landing page, blog page. A Demo mode will discover you all existing functionalities and possibilities.

    Price: $49
    Drupal version 8.8

  2. E-commerce: Illusion

    Everything in one place! This minimalistic and at the same time fantastic Drupal 8 theme, includes all the necessary features: banner, product cards and pages, filters, sharing icons, comments, cart, checkout, sliders, blog, wishlist, etc. Perfectly suits for companies, creative agencies, freelancers, personal portfolio, creative minds, blogging and for E-commerce websites as well. Overview this template to dive deeper with having a user-friendly layout.

    Regular license: $19

  3. Ontold
    This template looks interesting and creative, that’s why you have to overview this theme. Crazy design with color sliders, wow effect, it’s amazing for DJ's website, night club, designers, photographs.

    Regular license: $59

  4. Rogan
    Premium fully-responsive Drupal 8 template. Ideally fits for the corporate websites, educational platforms, as a platform to showcase the samples of work, history, portfolio and so on. Overview it now and stand out from the boring websites.

    Regular license: $48

  5. Celia
    Another present-day and pure design is ready for your new website. This template designed in white colors, will be a nice idea for the agencies or freelancers. The theme contains multiple homepage layouts and other sub-pages that is adequately to complete your ideas or even to make a new layout on your current platform.

    Regular license: $49

  6. Universh
    Such a template has a nice layout, designed specifically for the educational portal. The theme is compatible with all the devices size. 10 pages with headers will completely cover the desirable needs.

    Regular license: $49

  7. Elix
    It’s Drupal 8 Bootstrap based theme designed for creative agencies to highlight their works, history, portfolios. The full responsiveness provides the flexible design and convenience as it includes the most popular and useful blocks.

    Regular license: $45

  8. Commerce Drupal 8 theme - Martis
    This example contains the other 6 variants to choose between different product categories that will be selling. It involved the different sliders, mega menus, product blocks, product cards, filters, wishlist, cart and checkout, discounts, etc. Everything you need on your website to satisfied the customers' needs. Try this template to raise up your business to a higher level.

    Regular license: $49

Yeah, it’s not a full list of themes we would like to suggest you, but these examples we really find modern, useful, creative that stand out you! Choose any of them and in case you need some pieces of advice or learn more on drupal 8 theme tutorial - our guys are happy you help you. Contact us and let’s color your business!

Golems team